Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fukushima disaster’s owners Tepco admit three leaking tanks were second hand

The more Fukushima unravels, the more it resembles the famous 1970s disaster film, The Towering Inferno: poor design, contractors cutting corners, and then deliberately watered-down warnings leading to loss of life on an unnecessary scale. Except that on this occasion, it isn’t 200 people trapped on the 102nd floor, it’s the entire ecosystem of Planet Earth at risk.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bizarre Things You Are Paying For

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I can see this series getting ever longer – and I am sure you will be glad to add to it.
The last time I worked out the value of One Drone - the amount the government can expect to rake in from one minimum wage worker in one year – it was £1,816.19.
That was at 2009 values. Let us roughly adjust for 2013 to £2,000 to make the calculation easy.
Which means that 10 drones have worked full time for a year to pay for – what exactly?
Erm, the storage charges on 40,000 mobile phones.
Why is the government storing 40,000 mobile phones?
Because they can’t sell them.
Why can’t they sell them?
Because they have all been retrieved from ‘orifice searches’.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Dub A Cliche

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Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church

doldrums not

by Zen Gardner
There appears to be a growing sentiment that we’re on the verge of some kind of significant breakthrough. Not the obvious crackdown of the PTBs, but a good move forward for conscious humanity. It seems to be an awareness step of some sort, but this next stage is becoming more and more palpable.
Many have talked about these energetic changes and the consciousness shift we’re in the midst of, but even within that we can sense levels of relative change and I’m hearing it from all sides. There’s an unraveling going on as the awakened become empowered, but many dynamics are involved.
Is it related to this feeling of a calm before a storm on the world stage, a version of our own anticipation clearly known amongst the awakened?
The difference is the awakened are not reactive, but responsive and even proactive. We follow our hearts and feel out what’s transpiring. While the compulsion and near infatuation with keeping track of the mounting manipulative deeds of the usurpers consumes a lot of alternative attention, we can also sense these hard to perceive shifts in perspective that continue to surface.
They happen for our own encouragement and help to mark our points of progress in what we’re accomplishing and where we’re going.

Zen Gardener

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Language: Vibrational Key to Conscious Activation

Language fascinates me. It’s empowering to realize it’s virtually an arbitrary construct when you realize how many languages there are and have been through the course of history. It’s development has been partially organic due our basic efforts to communicate, but mainly it’s what’s been handed down and manipulated by the would-be Controllers via their social engineers and resultant reinforcing patterns. (See here and here)
Paranoid? Just realistic.
Look at how many terms have been either eliminated, restricted or introduced into our lexicon and by whom? The educational system is documented to deliberately dumb down the populace. Music and social media terms have turned language to shallow mush. The mainstain media and our staged, corrupt politics take our medium of communication to whole new debased depths of mindless manipulation.
If you can’t see that I pity you. The challenge is to reclaim our voice and medium of exchange.

Zen Gardener

Monday, 5 August 2013

Universal Frequency and Vibration

440 Hz is the unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones that has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man.

In a paper entitled ‘Musical Cult Control’, Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes: “The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”

You just have to go out in the street and take a look around. What do you see? School kids, young adults on their way to work, a woman pushing her baby in a pram, a man walking his dog – and what do they all have in common? iPods or MP3 Players! Ingenious, isn't it?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla
The powers that be are successfully lowering the vibrations of not only the young generation but the rest of us as well. These destructive frequencies entrain the thoughts towards disruption, disharmony and disunity. Additionally, they also stimulate the controlling organ of the body - the brain - into disharmonious resonance, which ultimately creates disease and war.

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We separate each other into groups such as our nation of origin, our race, religion, beliefs, moral behavior and numerous other criteria. All of these labels and groups are meaningless illusions; they are merely names and words made up by human beings. In the face of these illusory differences, it can be difficult, maybe even impossible for some of us to see how or where all of this diversity could possibly come together. When we inquire within ourselves, however, it may become apparent that our differences are illusory and only our timeless essence is real. We are self-shining timeless awareness and everything else we perceive is merely vapor that comes and goes with the passage of time. Our true self is unborn, and never dies.

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