Monday, 29 July 2013

The saddest news ever read

From Phil

There's a shortage of news on the planet today
No waving of flags,no one shouting hurray!
Plenty of action,smoke in the sky,all going up! but none going by..
It,s noisy as hell!all this "going away"
Where are they going? No one will say!
Could be a clue,all the rich folks are gone...
Trading closed this morning at a quarter to one!!
No gold in the jewelers,cash points are closed.
O think we,re in a tight spot! Nobody knows.
People are trying to buy all the food,no one
Is smiling, there,s a change in the mood.
Nobody,s workin!no planes,trains or bus...
I soon calculated, there,s" no rockets for us"!
Whatever is coming,it,ll be here real soon...
Something just hit,The dark side of the moon....
The moon is in pieces!!! And coming our way
If it,s not made of cheese tomorrow..or yesterday!
Everybody,s screaming! and making a fuss!!
I suppose,they all know,There,s no rockets for us!!
Who do we look too! The leaders have all gone!!
The churches are full,everbodys reaching for some one
Me. I,m going fishing_it,s a reasonable day..
I,m sure to catch something,plenty coming our way..
OH! What a noise!!a big bang in the sky..
One of those rockets,hit a rock going by
Maybe the gold cargo,will fall down like rain
and all of the greed, will start over again..
No rockets for you...No rockets for me!
I suppose all who are left,at last ,can be free!!
Maybe they'll miss us...those rocks in the sky
Then we can shout to the rich..Fuck you! and goodbye!!
And what will they do on the new planet they've found?
They'll have to start over , drilling the ground!!
And what will they think,when ,it,s plain to see?
That our Earth survived and runs harmoniously...^_~
You did,nt take workers, who got you you're gold
You were blinded by greed as you bought and you sold
Who,s going to get blisters and cut down your grain?
Your going to know sorrow ..with aching and pain.!!

This song is such fun,itbshows how you are!
Now that your stranded on some distant star..
We,ll make lots of rockets..but we won't visit it,s true.
There,s rockets for us ..but there,s none here for you..
most of the moon missed us!!
I,m happy to say.
Although one big piece hit!distroying LA
We have a world leader,she comes from Kuwait
A new world order,no greed,war or hate^_~
No Prism,No spys, No CIA
I knew we would find a solution one day
We grow fine foods,plant forests of trees
Everyone,s safe &equal ,even the birds and the bees.

.........Just about then!!I awoke from this dream
All of the goodness and bad I had seen
Maybe? It will take a disaster! To sort everything out?
Oh well! Never mind!  Today I,m fishing for trout:)))))))

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Thursday, 25 July 2013


Whether you believe that austerity IS working or not depends on your definition of a desirable outcome. If it was to ensure that the ‘trickle down effect’ relieved poverty amongst the sofa resident young, or poured more money into the Government’s coffers – then it certainly has had startling results.
When the jobs market peaked in April 2008, a record 690,000 pensioners were working. As a result of the subsequent economic slump which resulted in derisory interest rates and negligible returns on annuities, over a million pensioners have thrown out their Zimmer frame, and climbed over the eager bodies of economic migrants – not to mention the prone bodies of the 16-25s wailing that ‘there are no jobs’ – and snapped up those ‘impossible to find’ jobs!
The effect this has had on the over 65s who should have been quietly tending their roses, if only they could afford to, is shown in the figures released by Public Health England this week.
An unexpected additional 600 altruistic pensioners a week have been dutifully popping their clogs, leaving their jobs free for the young, ensuring that their sofa bound younger relatives receive a bounty that will keep them in crisps and Sky subscriptions for a few more years yet, and stuffing their inheritance tax into the Government’s coffers at an exceptional rate. Pensions saved, not to mention relieving the burden on the Health service. And they say the old do nothing for the young! What greater sacrifice can a pensioner make than to lay down his life for his country?
Cumulated deaths per week are averaging around 10,500 which is around six hundred more than would be expected as the cumulated average after six months of the year. Analysts at Public Health England say that the rise in death rates is statistically significant. Every year there are almost half a million deaths and the trend has persisted for more than a year, making it unlikely to be a result of chance. The statistics are unconnected to the more controversial hospital death rates. Those relying on home carers or scared about having to move care homes might have been tipped into crisis. Problems in getting into hospital through A&E and out again to social care have also worsened. But there is no firm evidence for this.
Needless to say, the talking heads are already turning this statistic to their (various) political advantages.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


How long are we going to take this extraordinary nonsense? How long are the people of Britain and so many more in the wider ‘Commonwealth’ going to bow in subordination, homage and awe to this despicable institution called ‘royalty’ or, in my house, the Addams family?
People can become so familiar with something – like it’s just ‘there’ – that it can hide in their peripheral vision or peripheral awareness unacknowledged for what it really is. I mean, she’s the Queen, right? She’s the Head of State and lives in Buckingham Palace and, well, she’s royal?
Yes, but what does that mean? Why is she Head of State? Why does she and her family live in fantastic opulence and luxury on the backs of the people that they so exploit and despise? In short, who the fuck are they? What are they doing there and the biggest question of all … what are WE doing standing for this juvenile idiocy?

‘Oh, but what do you want, a republic? They’re only symbolic, they have no power and they bring in the tourists … didn’t the Queen look lovely at the wedding and that Prince Philip’s a card isn’t he?’
As the late, great American comedian Bill Hicks would say: ‘You’re getting really confused here – now take a deep breath, take a step back and look at it again ...’
Ahhh, it’s a piece of shit.’
‘Yes, that’s ALL it is …’
So let’s give it a try. Deep breath, step back, look again, and all that stuff ...
The Queen is the Head of State purely because of her bloodline and for no other reason. The monarch does not have to be intelligent, trustworthy, honest, peaceful or care less about the ‘common people’. Given that the title has been held by some of the most stupid, crooked, bloodthirsty (literally)and mendacious parasites of the ‘common people’ this is just as well.
So how do you become the ‘monarch’?

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Now, the American Titanic is going down, and taking the world with it. It has been nice to know you, really. I know some really nice people, who tried really hard to prevent this from happening. Perhaps, in all our cases, it was not hard enough.

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The European Commission is about to spend €2 billion on graphene and human brain research. But the claimed objectives may well be more integrated – and less benign – than they seem

I’d imagine most of you have never heard of graphene. Graphene is carbon-rich and only one atom thick. It thus qualifies as a near as damnit two-dimensional substance….the first example of such a thing in the real world. Despite being the thinnest material known to exist, it is also the strongest material ever tested— 2-300 times stronger than steel. A lot of atomic and sub-atomic stuff has this ability to defy the size v importance obsession: graphene rocked the world of chemistry in 2004 when UMIST scientists discovered that it had remarkable properties that allow it to conduct electricity better than any other common substance.
As you might expect, most members of our beads-fixated species are interested in how graphene can be used strategically and commercially. China controls 70% of the known supplies of it, and it’s been named a “supply critical mineral” and a “strategic mineral” by the United States and the European Union. It makes semiconductors 100 times faster, and would make every aeroplane 70% lighter. Phones and computer displays made with it can bend and fold. And it has the potential to make people and things completely invisible. Yes, that’s right: invisible.
But some possibilities are genuinely profound. As graphene is almost all carbon – the chemical basis for all known life – it should be an ecologically friendly, sustainable solution for an almost limitless number of applications. Importantly, it renders solar energy 100 times more efficient, and thus might well be the missing link for which some of us have been hoping as an end to dependence on fossil fuels….and thus interminable Middle Eastern violence.

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