Sunday, 30 June 2013

whats wrong?....we,ll tell you whats wrong

Standing out like an elephantiasist bollock on an over-endowed Rhodesian Ridgeback is the legal system. It exists to maximise the hours of bitterness involved in a divorce to inflate fees – but not to cater sensitively for the needs of traumatised kids and parents. To double the anxiety of buying a property and moving home, rather than calm down one of the six most stressful events in a life. To create more and more laws and encourage  unreasonably litigious mindsets – as opposed to the sense of “sh*t happens” and personal responsibility our society so chronically lacks. Extreme as it sounds, if one abolished the Whitehall machine and the legal profession (with the exception of criminal justice and Business Law) tomorrow, I seriously doubt whether we would see anything but a massive gain in efficiency – and equally massive socio-economic savings.

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