Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Awakening, Planetary Wide, Slumber Party Hoedown.

"Yes, it would please me if you would see those, who have devoted their lives to doing us harm, as being frantic with panic and fear. Visualize them as making a wrong move every time they move. See them literally shooting themselves in the foot, or any part of their anatomy that matches up with your expectations. See them afflicted with a peculiar Tourette's Syndrome, which forces them to turn their head to one side or the other and spontaneously shout out their crimes to anyone who might be standing near by.
They should appear as the most pitiful and doomed souls you have ever witnessed in ineffective actions taken against their fellows as a passionate avocation. Observe them stuffing hundred dollar bills into their mouths and hooting like Chimpanzees. See them naked and walking blind in broad daylight, seeing nothing, tripping over everything. Hey look! There's George W. Bush.
You get the idea. See them for what they really are, or use satire to blow them out of proportion and make them ludicrous. Laugh at them (laugh at the devil and he will flee from you), these phony pretentious losers, who fancy themselves as powerful monsters. They haven't seen any real monsters yet but they will. They will."

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