Wednesday, 27 March 2013

eyes to see

While the reality of an ongoing soft, slow kill off of “excess humanity”, “useless eaters” or “human resources” ramps up, the arrogant self appointed elites are licking their chops for what they think is the coming culmination of their age old agenda. Total world control with complete subjugation of a drastically reduced, subservient, transhuman workforce.
The world they plan is in most cases not seen by them as some dark, satanic empire. In their minds it will be a literal paradise on earth. For them of course. Not their subservient underlings. Massive virgin forests and game reserves for their hunting pleasure. Clear oceans for their fishing pleasure. Seems altruistic? That’s the game. One man’s paradise can be another man’s hell.
Especially when you’re dealing with psychopaths and invading entities with ulterior motives.

Zen Gardener

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